Home Grown California Ingredients

We make what we are:
Our lives have been spent living in small surf towns along the California coastline. Our roots are deepest in Laguna Beach, Santa Barbara, La Jolla, Encinitas, and Santa Cruz. Our minds are always on close friends, adventures, travel, independence, & discovery. The ocean and the sky are our playgrounds. Pleasure Spirits are all this in a bottle. Each of our spirits are created specifically from the California Coastal area plants and personalities we love the most. Our hearts know there are no short cuts to perfection. Our stills are hand made in the USA entirely from copper for a cleaner more pure taste than the steel stills commonly used. Our distillation runs are done in single small batches each independently tested & tasted with precise “cuts” to remove toxins. No commercially distilled bulk spirit blended to mask harmful congeners (impurities) here. Our water is fresh high Sierra snowmelt brought down direct from Lake Tahoe. No filtered tap water used here. These are all critical measures we live by to make our clean smooth pure spirits.

California Coastal Plant Based Ingredients:
Our own Home grown California Ranch Agave, live Pacific sea grass, fresh Imperial Valley sugar cane, Encinitas flower petals, Ojai tangerine peel, Santa Cruz mountain grapes, Laguna Canyon sage, North coast juniper, ripe California green olives, fresh coriander seed, cardamom seed, anise seed, rosemary, poppy seed, cilantro, cocoanut husk, cedar, honey, cucumber, mustard flower, almond, walnut, sweet toasted orange & lime peel, fresh ginger, vanilla bean, lemongrass, angelica root, purple needle grass, & Sierra sugar pine. These are just some of the various California plants on the growing list of fresh ingredients we experiment with daily.