Introductory Spirits

Coastal Blue California Agave
Home:                Northern Santa Barbara, Fallbrook, & Capistrano ranch crops 
Description:       Clear 80 proof smooth straight sipping California blue Agave’ 
Wash:                Three unique crops of 100% California blue agave home grown on one of our private ranches along the

                          California coast each with it's unique terroir, clean steam pressed, then fermented in fresh California   

                          snow melt  
Pot Distilled:      To 40% abv  
Blend:                None            
Barrel Aged:      1-3 months in stainless steel (Claro') or 3-6 months in stainless steel (Claro Reposado) or 2-12 months in  

                          scorched American oak barrels (Reposado) or 12+ months in scorched American oak barrels (Anejo)
Served:              Straight up neat in a chilled high ball glass

After years of searching and testing by the best of agave horticulturalists, we found the source of the purest organic blue agave mother saplings to bring up from Mexico to plant on our South facing hillside behind the hidden ranch gates, along the fertile orchards of Falbrook, and alongside the sparrows of Capistrano canyon. With our growing agave plants we are applying the time aged roasting and distilling formula whispered to us from a 4th generation mater tequila distiller combined with our family's inverse cut technique that defies all traditional distilling rules. These techniques matched with the three unique Califonria terroirs, untainted soils, and fresh Pacific ocean breeze is producing the smoothest blue agave spirits we have ever tasted. We've tasted a lot. This is our Central Coast to deep Mex road trips filled with adventure, danger, bribery, extortion, and kilometers of untouched coastline in a bottle.

Pleasure Mezcal
Home:               Matatlan, Oaxaca Mexico 
Description:       81 proof smooth straight sipping traditional Mezcal
Wash:               100% espadin agave slow roasted over mesquite and pine ambers in our stone oven, tohana pressed, and      

                          open air fermented  
Pot Distilled:      To 40.5% abv  
Blend:                None            
Barrel Aged:      1-3 months in stainless steel (Claro') or 3-6 months in scorched American oak barrels (Reposado) or 12+        

                          months in scorched American oak barrels (Anejo)
Served:             Straight up neat in a chilled high ball glass with a pinch of our sal de gusano

Many a long storied road trips sent us south of the border in search of open coastlines and our favored wild agave spirit. We stumbled across plenty of characters and imposters before finally finding our favorite mezcalero family distillery and the source of the purest and smoothest Mezcal spirits on the planet. Each drop of Pleasure Mezcal is carefully derived from generations of distilling in the most traditional Mezcalero method.


Heartache Absinthe  
Home:                          Second Reef, Laguna Beach
Description:                  Clear 140 proof California Absinthe
Wash:                           Fresh Santa Cruz Mountain grapes & California snow melt
Column Distilled:          To 70% abv
Blend:                           Anise seed, wormwood, and a blend family secret floral extracts.

Aged:                           1-3 months in stainless steel tanks

Served:                        Best served in the traditional Absinthe manner of slowly dripping the strong spirit through a        

                                    sugar cube into a thin glass with a single ice cube and chilled fresh water. As the botanical oils  

                                    meet the cool ice, the clear mix slowly clouds to a magical site concoction. Aspro Kato!         

                                    Warn your friends beforehand...

This is the roots of our distilling family backgrounds dating back more than a century where my Theo Taki taught me his great grandfather's secret anise seed and our own California floral pedal extract spirit recipe. No spirit compares to absinthes mesmerizing effect like a wave of warm sea water washing over you.