Our Spirits

Coastal Blue California Agave
Home:                Northern Santa Barbara Ranch, Coachella, & Capistrano farm crops 
Description:       Clear 80 proof smooth straight sipping California Agave’ 
Wash:                100% California blue agave home grown on our private ranches along the California coast for three  

                          distinct smooth tastes, then fermented in fresh Lake Tahoe snow melt  
Pot Distilled:      To 40% abv  
Blend:                None            
Barrel Aged:      1-3 months in stainless steel (Verde') or 3-6 months in stainless steel (Platinum) or 2-12 months in scorched American oak barrels (Reposado) or 12+ months in scorched American oak barrels (Anejo)
Served:              Straight up neat in a chilled high ball glass

Many a long storied road trips sent us south of the border in search of open coastlines and our favored clean blue agave spirit. We stumbled across plenty of characters and imposters before finally finding the source of the purest organic blue agave saplings to bring up to plant on our South facing 50 acre hillside behind the hidden Ranch gates (thanks Mike). With our growing agave plants we are applying the time aged roasting and distilling formula whispered to us from a of 4th generation master tequila distiller from Jalisco. He shared his family’s inverse head-heart-tail technique that defies all rules. This combined with un-tainted California soil and fresh ocean breeze is producing the smoothest blue agave we have ever tasted. We’ve tasted a lot. This recipe is our Gaviota to Baja road trips filled with adventure, danger, bribery, extortion, and kilometers of untouched coastline in a bottle.

Sea Grass Rum
Home:                         Woods Cove, Laguna Beach
Description:                 Clear 80 proof California Rum
Wash:                          Fresh cut sugar cane, select molasses, live Pacific Sea Grass, & Lake Tahoe snow melt
Pot Distilled:                To 40% abv
Barrel Aged:                1-3 months in stainless steel (verde) or 2-12 months in scorched American oak barrels (reposado)
Served:                       Perfect for mixing with lime, soda water, a sugar cube, and fresh crushed mint
leaves for a         

                                   California Mojito.  

After many post prong glass off sessions, this long tested recipe for removing all impurities and long aging in fine Napa Valley Cabernet barrels is the result of countless moonlight test distillings sharing an outdoor shower with our wetsuits.

Sugar Blonde Rum  
Home:                        Temple Hills, Laguna Beach
Description:                Cabernat barrel aged 80 proof California Rum
Wash:                         Fresh sugar cane & Lake Tahoe snow melt
Pot Distilled:               To 40% abv
Barrel Aged:               This clear blend of sweet sugar cane is uniquely aged for 2 - 12 months in the finest Napa Valley    

                                   Caberet barrels to deliver a sweet smooth taste like no other rum.                          
​Served:                       Best enjoyed neat in a tumbler glass or mixed with fresh lime juice, orange curcao, agave nectar,      

                                   and topped with a Lap of Luxury dark rum float over crushed ice for a Pleasure Mai Tai.

From our Temple Hills love nest overlooking Bluebird Canyon and our favorite Laguna great  our finest clear rum rests in used Napa cabernet barrels hand delivered from the finest wineries in Napa creating the smoothest sweetests pnk cabernet aged sipping rum in the free world. 

Lap of Luxury Dark Rum  
Home:                        North Laguna Beach
Description:                Spiced 80 proof California Rum
Wash:                         Fresh sugar cane & Lake Tahoe snow melt
Pot Distilled:               To 40% abv
Barrel Blended:           Fresh vanilla bean, Ojai tangerine peel, cocoanut husk, dried mango, lime peel, and dried pineapple
Double Barrel Aged:   This clear blend of sweet cane sugar is uniquely aged first in scorched American oak
 barrels for 2-

                                   12 months to smooth perfection.                     

Served:                       Mix with ginger beer, a lime wedge, and a flaming rosemary stem over crushed ice in a copper        

                                   cup for our signature Blonde Burro.

From our tiny Divers Cove cottage over Rock Piles (our favorite North Laguna break), many a sunsets were spent age testing every local fruit peel, seed, root, & grass we could find to create this perfect smooth mesmerizing rum recipe. 


Heartache Absinthe  
Home:                          Pacific Ocean Depths
Description:                  Clear 140 proof California Absinthe
Wash:                           Fresh Santa Cruz Mountain grapes & Lake Tahoe snow melt
Column Distilled:          To 70% abv
Blend:                           Anise seed, wormwood, and a blend family secret floral extracts.

Aged:                           1-3 months in stainless steel tanks

Served:                        Best served in the traditional Absinthe manner of slowly dripping the strong spirit through a        

                                    sugar cube into a thin glass with a single ice cube and chilled fresh water. As the botanical oils  

                                    meet the cool ice, the clear mix slowly clouds to a magical site concoction. Aspro Kato!         

                                    Warn your friends beforehand...

This is the roots of our distilling family backgrounds dating back more than a century where my Theo Taki taught me his great grandfather's secret anise seed and Mediterranean floral pedal extract spirit recipe. No spirit compares to absinthes mesmerizing effect like a wave of warm sea water washing over you.  


Lovesick Rye Whiskey
Home:                     Laguna Canyon
Description:            Amber 80 proof rye whiskey with a California sea grass, agujas, and blossoming sage twist
Mash:                     80% Shasta rye, Chico barley, Gaviota agujas, dried Laguna Canyon sage blossom, & fresh Lake    

                               Tahoe snow melt
Pot Distilled:           To 40 abv  
Blend:                     None
Aged:                      6-12 months in new scorched American Oak barrels  
Served:                   Best served as a straight sipper. For the cocktail masters, mix with bitters, lemon, orange,

                               grenadine, and a sugar cube for a classic California Old Fashioned.

Through Laguna Canyon the smell of sage pushes through the hillside fingers down to our coastline where waves comb through miles of reef. This recipe is the perfect blend of distinctive coastal hillside sage blossom and rye layered with the sweet ocean air surrounding our treasured home.